Due Diligence and Site Assessments

Due Diligence

EnviroTrac has extensive experience in all phases of ASTM Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for legal, lending, real estate, telecommunication, and commercial clients throughout the country. Property assessments reveal potential environmental risks before they become problems. The information generated minimizes and manages legal, financial, and environmental liabilities in real estate transactions and regulatory compliance.

Phase I Site Assessments

EnviroTrac completes Phase I ESAs using EPA’s AAI Rule and ASTM Standard E 1527-13 and E 2600-15. Applicable federal, state, and local agency databases will be reviewed to identify if any spills, registered tanks, or potential environmental contamination were reported at the Subject Site or at other locations within a ½ or 1-mile radius of the subject properties (per ASTM standards). Information in the databases is also evaluated to determine if a vapor encroachment condition exists at the Subject Site or nearby properties.

Site Reconnaissance/Walkthrough

Although useful information can be obtained from the database search, the visual information gathered by an observant and knowledgeable assessor provides the best means of determining current site conditions and potential liabilities. During a site walkthrough, EnviroTrac will record such information as land use; the conditions of subject and adjacent properties; types of operations; the presence of such structural conditions as stained flooring, storage tanks, and floor drains; evidence of stained soils, seeps, stressed vegetation and fill areas; the presence of depressions, noxious odors, liquid pools, drums, containers of chemical and hazardous substances, and electrical equipment that could contain PCBs. In addition to visual observations, interviews with key site contacts (property owners, managers, or other appropriate individuals) will be conducted. Photographic documentation of current site conditions will be performed and a detailed checklist will be completed.

Phase II Site Assessments

In Phase II Assessments, soil and groundwater may be sampled. There are many different subsurface sample collection techniques including Geoprobe™, Hydropunch™ auger, air rotary, mud, and sonic drilling; as well as hand-driven devices. With no investment in any one technology, our experience drives us to utilize the best and most appropriate site-specific sampling methods available.


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