Health & Safety Practices … Safety On ®

Health & Safety Practices ... Safety On ®

EnviroTrac’s Health and Safety program focuses on the employee accountability and responsibility to work safely.

We do this by maintaining a comprehensive written Health and Safety Manual which outlines safe work practices and procedures for all EnviroTrac operations.

These practices are communicated through employee training, mentoring and coaching, daily tailgate and monthly safety meetings, near miss and lessons learned articles, and site-specific Health And Safety Plans (HASPs) and Job Safety Analysis (JSAs).

Supervisors and the management team conduct field audits to verify compliance with the safety program and look for ways to improve. Also, safety is part of an employee’s annual review.

EnviroTrac employees are taught hazard recognition to identify and control workplace hazards as well as how to handle on-the-job accidents. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is utilized for the task. Accidents and incidents are investigated for root causes and the results are communicated to all employees and used to improve safety for the company.

Safety statistics are collected, reported, discussed, and used to improve our policies and procedures and the overall safety program and performance.

We are proud of our commitment to safety with our extensive safety policy and program that addresses the need for working within the safety parameters specified and expected by our customers.

Safety On®

Michael Clark, MS, CHMM
Health & Safety Director

Our Employees Are:

American Red Cross Certified: CPR / First Aid

Smith System Driver Trained

TWIC Certified