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EnviroTrac’s Pioneering Health and Safety Program: A Standard for Industry Excellence

EnviroTrac is a leader in the environmental industry, setting standards with its comprehensive and pioneering Health and Safety Program. This program is a testament to our commitment to employee accountability and workplace safety. Our mission: achieve zero workplace injuries through a behavior-based approach.

A Culture of Safety and Accountability

At the heart of EnviroTrac’s Health and Safety Program is a culture that encourages a continuous focus on workplace health and safety. We create policies and programs tailored to the needs of our workforce and the unique demands of each client’s worksite. We believe that preventing incidents relies heavily on anticipating and resolving risks and hazards before they occur rather than addressing them post-incident.

Our Employees: The Pillars of Our Health and Safety Program

Our employees, equipped with various certifications and training, are the bedrock of our Health and Safety Program. These certifications include:

American Red Cross Certified: Our employees are certified in CPR and First Aid.

Smith System Driver Trained: Ensures safe driving practices for our employees.

TWIC Certified: Our team has been vetted by the Transportation Worker Identification Credential program, ensuring the security of sensitive work environments.

Health and Safety Manual: Our Guide to Safe Operations

The detailed and comprehensive Health and Safety Manual outlines safe work practices and procedures for all EnviroTrac operations. These practices are communicated through various methods, including mentoring/coaching, daily tailgate and monthly safety meetings, near-miss/lessons learned articles, site-specific Health And Safety Plans (HASPs), and various forms of training.

Training: A Constant Learning Journey

EnviroTrac’s employee training includes OSHA HAZWOPER, hazard communication, American Petroleum Institute’s Worksafe program, Red Cross First aid/CPR/AED/Bloodborne Pathogens, Smith System defensive driver training, and task-specific training such as confined space entry, working at heights, lockout/tagout, and trenching and excavations. Continuous learning is a cornerstone of our Health and Safety Program.

Management’s Commitment: Top-Down Approach to Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety Program and policies have the full backing of upper management and are communicated to all employees. Improvement is always on the horizon, with constant review, comment, and feedback from all staff levels. Our network of Health and Safety Coordinators addresses local health and safety requirements under the guidance of Michael Clark, EnviroTrac’s Director of Health and Safety, who brings over 25 years of experience in health and safety management.

Safety Audits and Incident Management

Field safety audits verify that safety procedures are followed. Near-miss incidents and accidents are thoroughly investigated for their root cause. The results are shared with upper-level management and posted on the company intranet, accessible to all employees. These findings are vital for the continuous improvement of our Health and Safety Program.

Recognition: Safety Awards and Achievements

EnviroTrac’s commitment to safety is recognized by various esteemed bodies. We are proud recipients of the New Jersey Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Award for no lost worktime accidents, the BP “Believe in Zero” Contractor Safety Award, the BP Remediation Management Contractor Performance Award, and the National Safety Council’s Occupational Excellence Achievement Award. These awards serve as a testament to the success of our Health and Safety Program.

Through our Health and Safety Program’s rigorous implementation, we continuously strive to create a safer and healthier workplace. This commitment has helped EnviroTrac earn a reputation as a trusted environmental partner and establish high levels of compliance as per third-party auditing firms ISNetworld, PICS, and PEC Safety. Our mission is clear: to ensure every EnviroTrac employee returns home safely every day.

Current Health and Safety monitoring indices:

• Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) three-year average 0.48
• 2020 Worker’s Compensation Experience Modification Rate (EMR) 0.91
• 2022 EMR 0.92
• 2021 EMR 0.86


Diagram outlining the important points of EnviroTrac's Health and Safety Plan.
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