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Leading the Industry in Environmental Litigation

EnviroTrac is a leading provider of environmental litigation services, delivering comprehensive technical support and project management to a diverse range of clients. Our professionals have a profound understanding of the complexities surrounding environmental disputes, allowing us to offer comprehensive litigation services that address the needs of our clients.

Core Environmental Litigation Services

Our core services include project cost analysis, baseline data acquisition, and records search and review. We also specialize in collecting multi-media environmental data and coordinating initial health effects screening. These services help obtain a thorough understanding of the environmental landscape and assist in preparing for litigation.

Comprehensive Forensics Services

Our forensics services are a crucial component of our environmental litigation assistance. EnviroTrac’s forensics team specializes in forensic chemical identification and determining the fate & transport of contamination. We employ a meticulous process to answer complex questions about historical contaminant release situations and their possible environmental impact.

Damage Assessment & Environmental Restoration

Through our damage assessment and environmental restoration services, we can identify the extent of environmental impacts and formulate strategies for restoration. This includes identifying responsible parties and determining the nature and cause of a chemical contaminant.

Expert Reports and Testimony

A critical aspect of environmental litigation is presenting factual, defensible data in a court setting. EnviroTrac’s team prepares detailed technical and expert reports to substantiate the case. We also provide technical support to expert witnesses and are prepared to participate in depositions. Our expertise extends to the preparation of courtroom exhibits and providing expert testimony.

Tailored Solutions for Environmental Litigation

Understanding that each environmental litigation case is unique, EnviroTrac tailors its services to meet the specific needs of the case. To ensure a successful outcome, we provide a recommended course of action and conduct a thorough project course analysis. This enables us to anticipate potential roadblocks and develop strategies to address them.

EnviroTrac is committed to delivering top-tier environmental litigation and forensics services. By entrusting your environmental litigation needs to us, you’re partnering with a leader in the industry.



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Service at a Glance:

  • Project Cost Analysis
  • Technical Support
  • Project & Technical Management
  • Baseline Data Acquisition
  • Records Search & Review
  • Collection of Multi-Media Environmental Data
  • Coordination of Initial Health Effects Screening
  • Forensics Chemical Identification
  • Fate & Transport of Contamination
  • Damage Assessment & Environmental Restoration
  • Technical & Expert Reports
  • Technical Support to Expert Witness
  • Depositions
  • Preparation of Court Room Exhibits
  • Expert Testimony