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Comprehensive Expertise in Spill Response

At EnviroTrac, we are distinguished experts in providing emergency spill response services across many industries. With extensive experience, resource availability, and robust organizational infrastructure, we can address a broad spectrum of spill response scenarios, ranging from chemical and oil spills of every size, type, and magnitude.

OSRO and OPA 90 Compliance

A cornerstone of our operation is our status as a United States Coast Guard-approved OSRO OSRO (Oil Spill Response Organization). We are equipped and trained to handle situations under the guidelines of the Oil Pollution Act (OPA 90). This legislation, enacted to prevent and respond to oil spills, ensures we carry out our operations under a clear and standardized framework.

Inland and Shoreline Impact Response

Our services are not restricted to just offshore instances. We offer specialized skills in dealing with spills on inland rivers and waterways, demonstrating our versatility in responding to environmental emergencies in various landscapes. In the case of shoreline impact, our experienced teams take comprehensive measures to minimize environmental damage and restore the affected areas to their natural state.

Hazardous Materials Technicians

At the core of our team are our Hazardous Materials Technicians, who are trained at a minimum with 40-hour Hazardous Waste and Emergency Operations to handle hazardous substances swiftly and safely, significantly reducing potential risks. These technicians are well-versed in emergency spill response and equipped with the knowledge and expertise to neutralize hazardous situations efficiently. All are approved to operate under MARSEC levels determined by the Department of Homeland Security to ensure the safest operations for our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Incident Command and Management Systems

To ensure seamless coordination during emergencies, we utilize the Incident Command Systems (ICS) and adhere to the National Incident Management System (NIMS). These structures allow us to manage resources effectively, communicate transparently, and handle incidents promptly without compromising safety. Due to our flexibility, resources, and strategic locations along the coastal states, we are regularly called upon to provide spill management consultation for clients directly and through insurance carriers.

Our ER Protocol: Safety and Communication

Our emergency spill response services protocol highlights the importance of speed and competence. Rapid response time is pivotal for a successful resolution, but actions must take comply with relevant laws and regulations. For this reason, safety and clear communication form the bedrock of our emergency response protocol.

24/7 ER Hotline

We offer a round-the-clock ER hotline, providing immediate access to an EnviroTrac Incident Manager. This ensures prompt action, with an open communication network to cater to any logistical needs arising during an incident. Our Incident Managers maintain close contact with clients, regulatory agencies, and other relevant parties throughout the process, keeping everyone informed and aligned.

Follow-up and Reporting

We provide thorough follow-up documentation and reporting once the incident has been successfully managed. These reports offer a complete overview of the incident and actions taken and advise on any further steps required.

Why Choose EnviroTrac

Leveraging decades of experience in emergency spill response and environmental remediation, EnviroTrac is not only positioned to significantly curtail the costs of an incident but also to minimize the environmental impacts requiring further action. Trust us to respond swiftly, competently, and responsibly every step of the way, adding value during the most crucial and unfortunate times.

24 7 emergency spill response

Call for Emergency Spill Response 24/7

Service At a Glance

  • Expert emergency spill response services.
  • Operate as an OSRO under OPA 90.
  • Specialize in inland waterway spills and shoreline impact.
  •  Hazardous Materials Technicians.
  • Utilize ICS and adheres to NIMS.
  • Prioritize safety and clear communication.
  • Offer 24/7 emergency response hotline.
  • Maintain close client and regulatory contact.
  • Provide thorough follow-up reporting.
  • Minimize environmental and financial impacts of spills.

Client Industries

  • Major Oil
  • Oil & Gas
  • Insurance Providers
  • Spill Response Centers
  • State and Local Agencies
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Financial Institutions
  • Property Management
  • Retail Stores
  • Transportation
  • Utilities