Brownfields Development


With the inception of the Brownfields Law in 2003, local governments have been incentivizing the remediation and development of abandoned and/or contaminated sites through tax credits, in particular, New York City.

Brownfields is part of a group of specific grants, that provide tax incentives to “clean up” contaminated properties. In many cases, the soil needs to be excavated regardless to construct a new building. If the site happens to be in an NYC program, the developer will get tax breaks to get rid of the part of the soil that is contaminated, often resulting in significant savings. If a company enters into a voluntary brownfields program, they usually would not be responsible for any off-site contamination, provided that they aren’t the ones that polluted the site.

EnviroTrac provides brownfield development from inception to completion. We understand that the financial impact on a development project is the driving force to consider entry into a brownfield program. Having in-house engineering, consulting and construction put us in a one-stop strategic position so that you know you are making a financially responsible decision. Having over 29 years of experience managing and cleaning up environmentally impacted sites will give you the confidence that you are getting the best experience and value.




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BCP Application Process – as per the NYSDEC

  • Submit BCP pre-application worksheet
  • Application submitted to Central Office
  • Applicant Notified if Complete/Incomplete
  • If complete – Public Notice
  • 30 Day Public Comment Period – 45 Days if Application Submitted with Remedial Action Plan
  • DEC Determines Eligibility
  • If Eligible – Notification Sent to Applicant and BCA Sent for Signature
  • DEC Executes BCA

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