Litigation and Forensics Services

EnviroTrac’s experts and licensed professionals provide environmental litigation and forensics services to a diverse clientele.

EnviroTrac provides litigation and forensics services to assist in answering questions about historical contaminant release situations and their possible impact on the environment.

Through our forensic assessments, we are able to help identify the responsible party or parties of any environmental impact caused by the release of hazardous substances or petroleum products into the soil, water, groundwater, or air.

Not only can we determine the nature or cause of a chemical contaminant, but we can also identify the timing of the release and the effects on the environment as well as potential future impacts.

Example services include project cost analysis and allocation, records review and baseline data acquisition, and chemical fate and transport assessments.

In litigation cases, we can prepare technical and expert reports, participate in deposition settings, prepare courtroom exhibits and provide expert witnesses and testimony.

EnviroTrac can also provide a recommended course of action, a project course analysis.

Related Work


Insurance Firm

Assessed environmental records pertaining to a portfolio of retail petroleum sites located in Florida. The work was conducted to support negotiations between the client insurance firm and the successor firm. The client had been the provider of insurance for the sites until late 2004 at which time responsibilities for policy management were transferred to the successor firm. Recently, petroleum-contaminated soil and groundwater were discovered at the sites. Responsibility for the funding of the investigative and remedial work to address these issues is being negotiated by the two insurance firms.

Major Oil Company

Reviewed environmental records pertaining to MTBE release sites on Long Island, New York. Results of the evaluations were used to develop/update/ critique conceptual site models, focusing on assessing spill histories and groundwater plume migration.

Real Estate Development

EnviroTrac had been retained as an expert for real estate development companies throughout the Northeast. One case, in particular, involved a cost recovery action in which the NYSDEC was seeking approximately $2,000,000 in remediation costs associated with the release of hydrocarbon petroleum (gasoline) into soils and groundwater. An offsite contaminant plume, mainly MTBE, was detected offsite and migrating towards a public supply well field approximately 1,800 feet from the subject UST retail facility. EnviroTrac was asked to evaluate all the soil and ground-water data collected, perform fate & transport modeling, evaluate the remediation technologies implemented and their effectiveness, conduct forensic analyses to determine the age of the plume and if other nearby releases potentially have contributed to the contamination, and finally, prepare a cost allocation evaluation.

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Services Include:

  • Project Cost Analysis
  • Technical Support
  • Project & Technical Management
  • Baseline Data Acquisition
  • Records Search & Review
  • Collection of Multi-Media Environmental Data
  • Coordination of Initial Health Effects Screening
  • Forensics Chemical Identification
  • Fate & Transport of Contamination
  • Damage Assessment & Environmental Restoration
  • Technical & Expert Reports
  • Technical Support to Expert Witness
  • Depositions
  • Preparation of Court Room Exhibits
  • Expert Testimony

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