Environmental Insurance Services

EnviroTrac’s experienced, multi-disciplined, professional staff provides support to the environmental insurance industry and we have successfully closed hundreds of environmental claims resulting from petroleum and industrial releases affecting soil, groundwater, and indoor air.

The firm’s collective working relationship with regulatory agencies throughout the country provides us with a unique understanding of what drives regulation on the local level. Utilizing this perspective we provide the liability insurance market with comprehensive environmental risk evaluations. Whether it’s financial, legal, environmental, or propensity for subsidence, we provide information that underwriters are able to make well-informed and appropriate policy decisions.

Utilizing a practical and common-sense approach, we investigate and remediate claims in a timely manner, resulting in cost-effective closure. We have the experience it takes to efficiently pinpoint a cause, design and perform the required investigation, evaluate the risk, and determine remedial options. As a truly full-service provider, EnviroTrac has the unique ability to actually provide the remediation services or oversee that effort knowing fully the anticipated industry-standard costs.

Our expertise in conducting forensic environmental investigations, environmental engineering, remediation, and regulatory experience ensures a defensible testimonial supporting litigation. Our technical team, providing legal support, has the ability to efficiently evaluate large volumes of data, identify knowledge gaps and determine how those gaps may affect the legal strategy. Concise conceptual site models developed by our technical experts are often used to quickly educate clients in understanding complex scientific, technical and regulatory issues.

Through our staff’s experience, EnviroTrac continues to provide quality and cost-effective insurance claim services.

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  • Site Investigations
  • Causation Analysis
  • Remedial Design & Oversight
  • Remediation Construction
  • Cost Control
  • Litigation Support
  • Environmental Forensics
  • Subrogation
  • Desktop Reviews
  • Subsidence Reporting
  • Loss Control
  • Underwriting Support

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